Refurbished laptops are those laptops that undergo a remanufacturing process for minor technical faults or for some defective components. As a result refurbished laptop prices are slashed down considerably. Many renowned brands such as Apple, IBM, HP, Compaq, and Toshiba sell refurbished laptops at cheap rates. This is an occasion for a customer to secure modern models and versions of laptops at low prices.

Refurbished laptop prices for bulk order are much lowered. Refurbished wholesale laptops are available to retailers for three to five percentage discount per laptop. As a bulk number of laptops are ordered in single wholesale dealing, transportation charge is saved to a great extent. All refurbished laptops come with standard specifications of AC adapter, battery, and pre loaded operating system. If the customer wants to upgrade memory, hard drives, and other accessories special price is to be given.

In a discount sale, refurbished laptop prices are even lowered to half the regular refurbished price. Some firms also offer free transportation and six to one year warranty with every purchase. Discounts are granted to students, military personnel, senior citizens, and charitable organisations. Special incentives such as USB drives, headphones, and full software suite are also given for promotional sales of refurbished laptops.

Refurbished laptop prices give substantial savings for the customer. If the refurbished laptop has more advanced features, then the price also increases. Refurbished laptops with graphics programs or video games tend to be more expensive than ordinary ones, but the price is anyway lower than a brand new one. For affordable refurbished laptop prices, always depend on a genuine dealer with a good reputation. Many of the refurbished laptops sold today range about $250 to $800. Brand new ones are sold for around $3000 and above. This means that the customer can gain up to eighty percent while buying a refurbished laptop.