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These are electrically conductive and can get on the lead end of the heater unless extra care is taken. Use Chromalox heat transfer and release coating. As operating temperature levels increase, thermal insulation on the heated part becomes more desirable to save heat. Thermal insulation results in lower wattage requirements and for that reason lower watt density on the heaters.

Leads need to not extend into the hole containing the cartridge heating unit. Normally, the lead end of the heating system sheath ought to be flush with the surface of hole or extended by 1/16 inch. Cartridge heaters can be quickly defined to fulfill the demands of unique applications. Simply choose from a range of standard alternatives and functions to tailor the heater to your particular needs.

Leadwire Types End Seal Options Lead Choices Installing Alternatives Integrated Thermocouple Description Volts (F) (C) Operating Temperature Level Mica Fiberglas Insulation 300V Standard 600V 842 450 Fluoropolymer 300V 600V 392 200 Type Description/Application Epoxy Epoxy seal available on above leads by voiding end of sheath and filling with epoxy to provide a moisture barrier.

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RTV For applications where a moisture barrier is required. Hermetic Ceramic-to-metal seal is good for component temperature levels up to 1000F. Define heating system length beyond the seal. Metal part of the seal overlaps the heating unit sheath by 3/16″. MR SEOT2 Satisfies UL FileSEOT2. SA 12768 Description (F) (C) Operating Temperature Air Set Cement Standard 1000 538 Epoxy Seal 194 90 Fluoropolymer Seal 392 200 RTV Seal 284 392 140200 Hermetic Seal 1000 538 MR-SEOT2 374 190 Ceramic-to-metal seal is good for aspect temperatures as much as 1000F.

Metal part of the seal overlaps the heating system sheath “. For washdown conditions. Pressure Relief supports results in minimize flexing, crimping, and breakage. Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit offers leadwire defense from abrasion and sharp edges, and assists in easier handling in severe environments. Readily available in both straight and best angle confi gurations.

Stainless Steel metal braid safeguards leadwire from abrasion and sharp edges, yet preserves versatility and ease of setup. Metal braid is offered in both straight and best angle configurations. Ceramic Bead insulation can be specified to protect leadwires from high ambient tem peratures as much as 1200 F (649C). To purchase, define ceramic beads length and additional lead length.

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Offered only on 5/8 and 3/4″ diameter heating systems. Threaded fittings permit the heater to be easily set up into a threaded hole for immersion applications. Available with single or double threaded fi ttings. The fitting overlaps the cartridge heating system sheath by 1/4″. Specify “brass” Threaded Fitting Sizes Nom. Heating Unit Diameter (In.) NPT Size (In.) Hex Size (In.) 1/4 1/8 – 27 7/16 3/8 1/4 – 18 9/16 1/2 3/8 – 18 11/16 5/8 1/2 – 14 7/8 3/4 3/4 – 14 1-1/16 The installing flange alternative permits easy installing and particular positioning The Wire Pull helps in heating system removal.

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