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putting remains in an area in the ground. a rigid container created for human remains. Constructed of wood or metal, it is ornamented and lined with material. Hughes provides a range of coffins which might be viewed in our selection room. land booked for graves for burial. a funeral service or memorial event held at Hughes Funeral service Home.

a structure that is used to house cremated remains. A columbarium can be freestanding, or situated within a chapel or mausoleum. the part of a funeral ceremony at the gravesite where last words are stated prior to interment. a big group of companies under the exact same ownership. Numerous independent funeral homes have been sold to these bigger regional or national business.

describes the hard duration following the death of a liked one. See also “Aftercare” and “Grieving”. what remains of a body following cremation. is a heating process which incinerates human remains into ashes. a casket created particularly for the cremation procedure. This coffin can be used for viewing the body prior to cremation.

when a liked one passes away, survivors might be eligible for gain from Social Security or the Veteran’s Administration. Hughes can help determine what, if any, advantages are available to survivors, along with aid make an application for them. a legal document signed by a physician that reveals the cause of death as well as other info about a person who has passed away.

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a kind of notice placed in a local newspaper or on the Web to reveal the death of an individual. This is not a complete obituary. See “Obituary”. a procedure in which human remains are chemically dealt with by injection and/or topical application for temporary preservation, consisting of, but not restricted to, the act of decontaminating, protecting, and bring back the human remains to natural life-like appearance.

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words spoken at a ceremony to commemorate the life of a person who has actually passed away. Hughes is proud to be an independent, family-owned business. This enables us to continue our focus on providing personal care to our clients. The Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule outlines particular requirements for funeral homes concerning funeral products and services.