What do you look for when looking for something fun for your kids to do at their birthday party or other kid party? A lot of people look for party rentals of bounce houses, bouncers, or moonwalks. There are other great alternatives as well. Inflatable water slides are an example of one of these great alternatives.

Inflatable waterslides are great for kids to use a birthday party, especially during the hot summer months. They are basically dry inflatable slides that are blown up and have a hose put on them. The hose is ran continuously so that the slide stays wet at all times. Adding water to an inflatable slide adds a great extra dimension of fun for kids. They will remember their slide for years to come and probably request it for their next party!

Most slides for backyards are about twelve feet tall. You can also get slides that are much taller, all the way up to forty feet. That will not fit in most backyards, unless you have a football field in your backyard. These tall slides are truly incredible. Kids just love to slide though. Many times they don’t even care what size the slide is. Bigger kids love the larger slides.

No matter what size slide you use the premise of inflatable water slides is the same. The kids love to zoom down the slides into the water that awaits them below. It is really a great time for the kids. Adults love water slides too!