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Graham pushed on state legislatures to send pro-Trump electors in states that Biden is winning to the Electoral College; Hannity, on the other hand, has actually become consumed with re-rerunning the Pennsylvania election. However Fox News has nonetheless end up being a punching bag on the right. Equipped protesters massed outside Maricopa County’s vote-counting center shouted, “Fox News sucks!” on Wednesday night.

“Everything needs to relax a little bit in 7 months,” they stated. It was 9 February 2016, when I began my career as a critic of Fox News at Media Matters for America, a not-for-profit progressive proving ground committed to monitoring, analyzing, and fixing conservative false information in the United States media.

Ed Henry’s role in the news department is chief nationwide reporter, but in the viewpoint department he’s a co-host of the weekend edition of Fox & Pals and periodic visitor host of the main weekday program on which he as soon as led a sector asking whether climate modification and “severe weather condition” were the exact same thing (they are not).

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The unexpected end of his 23-year Fox profession reveals what occurs at that network when news and viewpoint irreconcilably clash. However on Fox & Friends, just like many of the rest of Fox, the “news” knows its location. One of the methods Fox News wears away politics is by affecting the bigger discussion; in truth, you might be basically consuming Fox propaganda without understanding it.

This line from the pastor and Fox contributor Robert Jeffress amounts up a lot of Fox’s abortion coverage: Jeffress’s unhinged remark highlighted an argument you may have heard of about so-called “post-birth” abortion, a treatment disproved by its very name. If the abortion occurs after a kid is born, then it’s not abortion; it’s murder, which is already really prohibited all over.

My coworkers Sharon Kann and Julie Tulbert taken a look at a whole year of evening news abortion protection on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News and found that Fox aired 94% of all three networks’ statements about abortion, and Fox waswrong 85% of the time. This indicates that when CNN and MSNBC go over abortion, they are frequently simply reacting to Fox News false information (while still managing to be incorrect 67% and 40% of the time, respectively).

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I can tell you from personal experience that when I state Fox toxins minds, I’m not being that hyperbolic. While watching Fox & Friends every morning, I have a hard time to uncover or a minimum of put together even shadows of fact-based arguments from the unhinged nonsense that is essential to the brand. It can be so intense on Fox & Friends that I in some cases have what could be called propaganda hangovers after finishing the show, I feel as though I’m caught in a fog of disinformation, and my mental procedures feel slow for a couple of more minutes.

Fox is a shameless counterfeit of a news company, and Fox & Friends leads the scams brilliant and early every morning.

Election Day has actually shown up, and with it, the consistent live TELEVISION feeds upgrading poll outcomes as the country selects a candidate. As states start reporting their overalls, you’ll most likely wish to keep a watchful eye over the news. For conservative folks without cable television, Fox News can be found streaming online at a number of services.

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Can I enjoy live TELEVISION on the Fox News site? As mentioned above, you’ll need a cable television company to access the live television eat Fox News’s site. The channel does, nevertheless, supply a membership service called Fox Country. The service uses a number of series from the channel, in addition to the Fox News live feed.