Congratulations on the birth of your little one! Now, you want to show the world just how precious they are, and why not do it with photo birth announcements? Well, actually, you may have come up with a number of reasons why not but we will show you a great solution that will allow you to experience the great benefits of photo birth announcements without all those pesky problems.

Reasons for Not Having Photo Birth Announcements

Well, we might as well come right out and say it – photo birth announcementsare usually expensive and time-consuming when you probably have very little money and time. It takes time and money to get all those photos printed, write in each one, stick all those stamps on the envelopes, address the envelopes, and then still send them out. Oh, and another problem is that you’re not even sure they will arrive after all of this.

As a new mom or dad your time is really precious. Baby is taking up a lot of it and you still need time to eat, sleep and shower yourself so time is one thing you do not have. Money is probably scarce after buying all those new baby items too so if you can save money you will. Well, as we say, this is USUALLY the case with birth photography announcements but not always and we will tell you why…

Baby Photo Birth Announcements Online

Today you can quickly and easily put up a web page for free (you can sign up for a free web page at Events Listed Photo Birth Announcements). Once your web page is up you can put up all the photos you like (after all, it is free – you don’t have any printing costs). You will also be able to add audio clips, video, other little notes and really whatever you feel would make your photo birth announcement just too precious and help express your excitement on the birth of your new baby.

If you are having one of those announcement parties to announce the birth of your new baby then you can also send out invitations via your web page and collect responses.

This also acts as a permanent reminder and you can keep it up as long as you choose – go back and add little notes about baby’s first words, take some videos of when baby learns to walk and put these up, and add to the web page as baby grows up. Then one day when these days are long past you, and your now grown child, will be able to look back at these precious moments with joy because of the way you have captured it forever.

Don’t get put off by the problems associated with photo birth announcements, instead just change your tactics – put all those photos as well as audio and video online and you will be able to make an even cuter announcement for free and still have time left for all those other things that make the life of a new mom or dad hectic. Remember, you also want time to enjoy the little one, so go now and quickly put up that cute photo birth announcement online.