What Is It?
Damsel in Defense is an MLM that focuses on selling self-defense products for women, including products for women to carry and those for the home.

Short Review
The product line of Damsel in Defense isn’t what you typically find at an MLM, but that’s where the uniqueness of the company ends. I do actually like the (idea of the) products! Essentially, the company is yet another MLM that is targeted at women and focuses on the idea of empowering. In this case, the products themselves are promoted as ways to empower women as is the opportunity. Realistically though, the chances of making money from this company are the same as most other MLMs, slim, at best.

Product Breakdown
So, the product line at Damsel in Defense is a little bit unusual. As the name suggests, the company sells self-defense items that are targeted at women.

It supports charitable causes
In line with their mission-driven marketing, Damsel in Defense supports many women’s charities and does good work for women’s causes.

Damsel in Defense Complaints
Now that we have covered what we like, it’s time to have a look at some of the complaints and see if these are deal-breakers or not.

Lots of Recruiting
To earn more, chances are you will need to recruit a lot of people in your downline in order to earn a percentage of the sales they make. This means hosting in-home parties and trying to recruit people to grow your network.

So, Join Damsel In Defense.