Latest News For Landscape Lighting

Now that summertime is well and truly here we’ll be investing more time outdoors in our gardens. What better time than now to get some fantastic. Whether that’s for an area of al-fresco consuming, lounging around soaking up the rays or playing video games with the kids, our gardens will include a lot in our lives over the coming months.


What about at night when it’s still warm adequate to be outdoors and we’re looking for to produce a different ambiance? Nights in our garden are about amusing whether that’s our household or having friends round for a little drinks celebration. They’re also about unwinding after a long day. Since of this, any need to aim to offer us with a sense of harmony, along with security.

In reality, we make sure there are lots of sensational circumstances you will be simply buzzing to attempt out. Incidentally, you might be pleased to understand that the bulk of outside lighting nowadays is of the low voltage range. Happily, this not just makes the lighting more secure to deal with but likewise far cheaper when it pertains to your utility costs.

By that we indicate utilizing several various types of lighting such as ambient, job and accent lighting. Examples would be fairy lights strung on a fence or close-by tree.

Latest News For Landscape Lighting

By this we imply there will be far more contrasts and a mix of both shadowed shapes and highlighted features. In this way, your garden becomes more of a mysterious place at night. To create this ‘other canvas’ we require those layers of lighting we’ve simply mentioned. That’s because ‘cleaning’ the entire garden in simply one kind of light would cause a flat and dull appearance and make it someplace you definitely would not wish to look on by nightfall.

For this reason it’s actually not a bad idea to call in a landscaping professional for guidance. At the same time, the following ought to stand you in good stead too: How to use outside lighting to highlight your outdoor patio, The very best bit about lighting up your patio area or decking location is that it assists blur the line between inside and outdoors.

Highlight an outside dining table or seating on an outdoor patio location for reclining with a beverage at the end of the day. You can achieve this by strapping area lights onto overhead trellising or the sturdy branches of a close-by tree. This method the light will shine down, preventing glare in the eyes and assist produce more of a cosy and intimate environment.


Floodlights (with a common light width area of 40 feet) are much better for tall trees (as much as 5 bulbs of around 50 watts each). Bullet lights and area lights have a narrow field and are therefore better for much shorter trees (trees which are less than 20 feet tall just need a couple of 20 watt uplighters).

The benefits of Landscape Lighting

Get 3 lights and circle them around the tree, rather than have them all brightening the front. Keep in mind too that placing uplighters in trees also adds more of a sense of height to a space: Image via In general this usage of outside illumination provides you a fantastic overview of the landscape in your garden.